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WELCOME Crappie Anglers to beautiful Central & West Florida.                               

Glad you're visiting my website. We already know a lot about each other because we share a love of fishing

I love to fish and guide on the many wonderful lakes in Central Florida including The Harris Chain O'Lakes, Lake Lochloosa and Lake Monroe, In addition, I fish and guide on many lakes south of Orlando including Lake Wales, Walk In The Water and Okeechobee.  I am particularly fond of the many lakes on the St. John's River especially Woodruff, Crescent and Dexter which are known for producing a lot of 2+ pound crappies. I also guide on Lake Tarpon on the west coast of Florida, this lake produces large slabs!  All these Florida lakes are abundant with natural foilage, wildlife, creeks, canals, locks and lots of fish. My favorite being the black crappie which are fun to catch and delicious to eat! 

I have fished  a variety of different Florida lakes for over 28 years. I am truly blessed to catch crappie every month of the year in Central and west Florida. However, good crappie fishing will vary from lake-lake at different times of the year. Therefore, I provide transportion and guide services on numerous lakes through out Central  and west Florida. Call me...Let's go fishing, John



                                              JOHN D. PEYTON   352-408-3048



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