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                      Angler's Questions & Answers


    What type of bait & lures are used?

       Florida black crappie are very sensitive to colors through-out the day on any given body of water. 

          "Change colors often"  I use jigs tipped with minnows. I often have samples with me.  

           Purchase your fishing supplies & license at any Walmart in Central & west Florida.  Brookers Bait & Tackle in Leesburg

               Southern Tackle Works Tavares, . and LochloosaHarbor in Hawthorne, Florida.


           Are fish guaranteed?

         I can not guarantee crappie are going to bite! . Weather conditions govern a good day of fishing!  However, on a daily

           basis,  I am in contact with the best crappie angler's in Floria. I know where, when and how to catch crappie.  

           I will guide you on the lake producing the best catch!


           Keeping and Cleaning the Catch?

           I clean and bag all crappie caught on your trip!  


         Pictures for "Bragging Rights"   

       Pictures will be made available thru email to anyone requesting them.  Updated guide trip pictures are published 

          on my website. If you ' do not '  want your pictures included please inform me!  Names do not appear on site.


       Food & Drink provided?

       We will be stopping on our way to the lake and you can pick up some breakfast, snacks or food for lunch. Or bring

          your lunch & drinks. I provide a cooler & ice. If you forget, I always have extra snacks, water & soft drinks on board!


          FLorida Fishing License requirements?

        Yes, a Florida Fishing License is required. You can purchase one on-line at , at Walmart and

           or at bait stores.  The cost for non-resident is $18.50 (3 days) or $30.00 for seven (7) days plus taxes. 

           If you don't purchase one in advance, bring driver's license with you and we can 'hook you up'.     


             Maximum number of people per guide trip?       

        The maximum number of people I guide per trip is three (3).  I have to be able to freely move about the boat to

           assist each person with baiting hooks, fixing broken lines and of course taking off the fish!


           Waver of LIABILTY

                 I, John D. Peyton am not liable for any damage to a participants personal property or any

         type of physical bodily harm incurred while a participant on a crappie fishing guided trip. Each

         participant will be furnished with a lifejacket to be worn at all times whenever on my boat.

         Especially when boat moving over water. If you choose to not abide by this policy then I can

         not be held responsible. Your safety & enjoyment on the lake is my main objective.  Thank you, John.   January 1, 2012