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Please review the  following rates before and when you are making a reservation.

There is a maximum of three (3) people per boat.  Additional people, will be taken 

at another time. You will use the gear on the boat.  I clean & bag all fish!

$ 200.00  1/2  day       (5 hours)     1 person 

$ 250.00  1/2 day        (5 hours    2-3 people

$ 275.00  a day           (8 hours    1 person

 $ 350.00   a day               ( 8 hours)      2-3 people

**** The trip times listed above are actual fishing hours. Upon reservations,

           you will be advised 'where' and 'when' we will meet to travel to the

           'Fishing Hole'. I look forward to meeting you!  Thanks, John